I have recorded my latest album during a 5887km cycle adventure across Europe. Capturing the sounds of the places i visit. Starting in Edam, then to Gruyere over the Alps to Gorgonzola, Towards the Pyrenees and then up to finish in Camembert.

Saturday 3 August 2013

127% pledge and 3rd hair cut in 17 years

24 days to go!

127% of my Pledge music target reached! Just Brilliant! Thank you so much! You can still pre order the album and get involved on my pledge music Page.

Had my 3rd hair cut in 17 years...... had to be done, my hair has been getting dangerously close to the back wheel, slight concern when cycling at 30mph, could get very messy, ha ha.
too long for cycling :(

Just the right length!

Had a great morning with Red Bull photographer Mark Roe

With a selection of new training photos and a great way to cool off from the heat:

Played at a couple of festivals the last few weekends and have got the Trinity Big top gig coming up on the 10th August (last gig before i leave. i'm on at 12.30 (lunch time) (Tunbridge Wells)

Managed 104 miles in a day with an extra 15kg last week. woo ha. Ahead of schedule. ( going to be aiming for 50-100 miles a day, depending on the terrain)

The new website is up now with all my social media links  http://www.paulcheese.com

A big shout to all that have pre ordered a copy on my new album....
For those that have not and would like to, click here:

So nervous/excited because of the unknown places I will find.

Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain and England....

New song ideas are in full flow.

During training I am singing and writing tracks.
I am really looking forward to evolving the songs in the environments I find.

Armed with being as fit as I can be and a song book full of ideas…..in 28 days, the next part of the journey continues…..yeeeehaaaaa

here we go!

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