I have recorded my latest album during a 5887km cycle adventure across Europe. Capturing the sounds of the places i visit. Starting in Edam, then to Gruyere over the Alps to Gorgonzola, Towards the Pyrenees and then up to finish in Camembert.

Thursday 10 October 2013

Toulouse a friend, A new 'pair o knees' ( Pyrenees) 10th October 2013

Still cycling, singing, playing, song writing and recording. 

2715 miles in!

In a medieval city...Carcassonne 

Well, if you are going to work on a song it might as well be on the wall of a medieval city

Sunflower microphones, thousands of them!

"Look at all the dead sunflowers, hanging their heads in shame..."

The almost purrrfect shepherds guitar hut

Sunset on the Toulouse canal

Great to play with riffs, shadows and reflections

A windy day, but a fantastic cruise along the canal.

Just want to say, its has been brilliant adventuring & working with co rider Kim, who left from Toulouse, back to England to continue his work. Fantastic team work mate. miss you already!

Kim and I at the Susten pass + glaciers!!! tbc mate!

Mission on, here I go...

The Pyrenees are coming


But where are they? 

After cycling up all day, it is probably better you do not know whats is coming.

The acoustics of the church in the centre of Foix

Got the guitar out and set the recorder up at the back of the church.....smoooooth
Its amazing what really old stuff you can find a long way from home.

Foix castle, circa year 1000, Mk3 Ford Capri, circa 1978

Just wow. Pyrenees....there you are.


After 8000 feet of climb I made it to Andorra! 
That was hardcore day, My hi vis jacket and lights worked hard today. 
None of the shops I could access were open!
Managed the climb with only a muesli bar a croissant and a packet of tic tacs.
I almost had a little cry as I crossed the border too.

2715 miles, Oh blimey 

I am in my second mountain range. 

What could possibly come next?

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