I have recorded my latest album during a 5887km cycle adventure across Europe. Capturing the sounds of the places i visit. Starting in Edam, then to Gruyere over the Alps to Gorgonzola, Towards the Pyrenees and then up to finish in Camembert.

Monday 23 September 2013

There is only one way out of here... 20th September 2013

1330 miles, surrounded by mountains

We cycled over the Jaun Pass (1509 metres), now the Susten Pass (2264 metres) and I will never look at a hills the same ever again.

It took 7 hours to cycle up the Susten pass whilst working on vocals and mentally digging deep.


Well, if you are going to write a song, you might as well do it after a 7 hour 2264 metre mountain climb whilst looking at glaciers.ha ha

I can't believe we made it!

And now for the down hill! yeeeeeeehaaaaaaaa

Here is 7 minute taster of me+40kg+bike flying down the mountain. ha ha
(total of the 25 minutes of downhill, I don't expect you will watch it all!)

On lake Brienz

'You swan a listen to a new song?'

It is all about find moments like this.... and capturing them on the album.

...and all my stuff, 
I felt every mic stand, guitar lead, 
microphone, camera, 
guitar string etc etc 

Italy is coming!

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  1. Amazing big brother! I was pleased to see you slowed down for the bends. Loves ya xx