I have recorded my latest album during a 5887km cycle adventure across Europe. Capturing the sounds of the places i visit. Starting in Edam, then to Gruyere over the Alps to Gorgonzola, Towards the Pyrenees and then up to finish in Camembert.

Sunday 29 September 2013

Pylon the pressure, Mediteraining. 29th September 2013

2985 Kilometres of writing and recording the album

Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy.....and now France!

Inside an electricity pylon

There we were cycling through the industrial heart of Italy, when up pops a very tall acoustic chamber...with no door on it. Inside a very tall pylon. ha ha
Have a listen:

I climbed up inside to find the best place for the reverberation.
Holding the microphone in the centre of the pylon gives symmetry of sound.

Torre Storica

Well, if you are going to work on a song it may as well be on top of a hill by an ancient hill fort overlooking the low lands of Italy. ha ha

A ruined Itailian farmhouse

Brain fodder, what is, was and is it going to collapse on me. ha ha.

And finally....Staying in a town called Bra. A wonderful uplifting experience.

The art explosion in the centre of Cuneo

Met and played to some great people in the city centre

Also.... a group of Italian girls help me with some backing vocals

A Dry River Bed

Heading back into the Alps again we found a huge seasonal moody, dry river perfect for inspiration.

A Ski Lift

Give it a couple it a months and this place will be heaven!

Guitar cam!

huff, puff, cycling and talking whilst holding a camera in my left hand....ha ha, watch that edge!

Up to the top of another mountain!

Downwards on dirt track hairpin bends then?

Who is that racing along side me? oh, its my pannier bag with my laptop in it :(

Here comes the storm! 

Gravel edged harpin tracks, perfect for stopping a heavy bike. ha ha

Soaking wet through. Mediteraining see?

Can you hold your breathe for the length of the tunnel? I couldn't. ha ha
(actual time, 7 minutes)

Such a sense of achievement, we made it to the Mediterranean sea!
Big day! recording/writing and 70 miles + over 14200 feet of hill climb.

2985 Kilometres

Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy.....and now France! 

Looking at the map I can't believe how far we have come! (and so far still to go)


Before leaving Gorgonzola I had a chat with the Italian guys in the town square....

"√ą che i tuoi capelli veri?" ("Is that your real hair?")

What will be next?.....

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