I have recorded my latest album during a 5887km cycle adventure across Europe. Capturing the sounds of the places i visit. Starting in Edam, then to Gruyere over the Alps to Gorgonzola, Towards the Pyrenees and then up to finish in Camembert.

Monday 2 September 2013

Totally unexpected. 2nd September 2013

Following a trail of bread crumbs deep into the woods you expect to find…..?

Hansel and Gretel's house?:


A Tranquil clearing in the forest with a carpet of purple heather?


A Beach??????

You just never know what you might find....
Luckily there was a three story lookout tower in the middle of this.

I hid my bike, then climbed to the top and worked on some new guitar lines whilst looking out across the forest/sandy plateau.

Guitar camera reflections.....

Into the forest, up the hill, to the sandy plateau, up a look out tower.

Ha ha, was not on the list but had to be done.

Look what I found:


Ha ha, when I told the lovely people in the old cheese weighing building
what i was doing the granted me an 'access all area' cheese pass

There were great acoustics in the old cheese weighing building.

So far, I have cycled 342 miles and written/worked on lots of new songs.

 Just me, my bike and 40 kilos of ideas

Time to head south

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